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PPN – Playlist Pitch Network – Music Promotion is a joined venture of different Record Labels, Playlist Curators, Playlist Pitchers, Bloggers and Influencers world wide.

We have access to over hundred playlists and the number of popular playlists just keeps on growing and growing.

Next to our playlists, we also have access to digital plugging networks and radio stations.

Years of experience in the field of music promotions and our dedicated international network are the strong fundamentals of our company.

All of our team members have 1 very important thing in common: they all truly love music.

So we do actually know what we are talking about and what we are doing when it comes to promoting music.

Every single day new songs are released by many different musicians, artists, bands, groups, producers, record labels, etc.

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But how do you get noticed as an artist in this jungle of competitors?

What will it take to make sure that your songs are actually being heard by a larger audience around the globe?

These are all important details that determine the level of success of a promotional campaign when it comes to promoting any song or music in general.

Do You want to join our platform as a playlist curator?

Then, please be so kind to submit your information through our contact page.

Also, in the case of any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.



For years in music, from DJ to promoter with his own label, Benny has had many artists under his wing.
Since Spotify was introduced, Benny has been involved with music where this platform can be a springboard for many artists.
Because of his contacts in the music world, he quickly managed to attract many curators, in order to be able to offer PPN customers the best playlists.
By keeping statistics and technology, he will guide PPN’s customers as best as possible from the point of purchase.





Benny B