Traedonya Brooklyn 2 Grenada

Brooklyn 2 Grenada Traedonya.

Brooklyn 2 Grenada Traedonya. Today’s blog will focus on a great new release from Traedonya called Brooklyn 2 Granada.

New Reggae Release.

This song has it all. Classic reggae influences. A very rhythmic beat that takes you straight back to the early Dance-Hall days. As a result, you’ll be wanting more and more of this track. It is truly good. The vibe and energy of the song are so powerful. Therefore we think this song will grow to be an all time reggae / Dance Hall / RnB classic. It just has something special to it!

It is a track that features an Infectious reggae beat. As a result, you can’t stop moving after hearing this tune. We call out our compliments for the fine RnB vocal talents of Traedonya. She really nails it down on this track! Therefore, we are pointing out this great new song on our Music Promotion Blog.

Brooklyn 2 Grenada Traedonya.


Make sure to check out this great New Reggae Release.


The Song features the Legendary Ras Abda. As a result, this track has a unique Reggae flavor to it.

The two of them together make that this track can go strait to the top.

As a result, we rank this track with 5 Stars.

New Reggae Release.

The song is also featured on the curator ‘The Spotifychannel’ so called, “In The Shower Playlist.

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