Music Promotion FAQs

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(Organic) Playlist Pitching

Is a Music Promotion Service carried out by a pitcher, the so called pitcher, will pitch your song, or music to Spotify playlist curators.

A good pitcher will of course ask curators, to place your track, or song on their playlist. Subsequently he will ask a placement. Therefore, playlist pitching is ideal for any music artist who is actively streaming music on Spotify. You’ll gain more plays, more streams, more saves and more Spotify followers.

As a result, Your popularity will only increase!

Most importantly, the more playlist placements you get, the more Spotify streams your tracks will get!

Music Promotion and Organic Playlist Pitching makes the ideal combination, for any musician or band. For example, Playlist Pitch Network has over 100 Spotify curators within their active network. Therefore, we’ can ensure you will like the results of our promotion packages. So feel free to give it a try for yourself!

Several plans are available! You can check them out in our online shop!