As Simple As Things Can Be! Go Check Out Our How It Works Video Below.

It’s quite simple. Just select a product, and each product will offer you the option to start searching for an artist (by name) and / or the track name(s) of the artist’s song(s).

Select the song that you want to promote, add it to your shopping basket, and we will make sure that we will do all the other things necessary to finalize the process. After that Your Music Promotion will start!

If You still do not understand the way our ordering process works, we would like to ask you to send us an e-mail. This would be done most efficient if send trough our contact page. In that case one of the PPN employees can get in touch with you to actually explain it in an even more clear way for you to understand how it works.

That is basically how it works! If You still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us trough our contact page.

PPN Music Promotion Explained

Over at PPN Playlist Pitch Network – Music Promotion & Organic Playlist Pitching we value our customers. This is why we like to explain certain things in a clear way. We actually hope that this instructional video will help you out in finding your way on our website.

With this little guiding video we hope it will be more clear how to place your Music Promotion orders through our online shop.

– How It Works –