Playlist Pitching and Spotify Placement for Artists, Bands, Promoters and Record Labels.

Playlist Pitching For Artists will help you to get your music placed into more playlists on Spotify.

We over here at PPN can actually help You to get Your tracks placed by curators.

These ‘so called’ placement will help you to gain more streams. Next to that it will also bring in more new followers on your artist account. And this happens to be of great importance in order to be successful on Spotify as an artist.

More saves by listeners who save your music into their personal libraries, will also guarantee you a certain number of plays in the future. Even if you have no active promotion campaign going on any more, these people will most likely be playing your song again when they play music from their libraries.

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Work your way up with the help of our excellent Playlist Pitching Service. Do not hesitate to take the next step in your career. Building a good Artist Profile on Spotify is after all one of the most essential things for an artist to deal with these days. It truly is very important.

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