Weekly Playlist Subscription 3 playlist pitch last week free

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$9.95 / week

Playlist Pitch weekly Subscription builds spotify plays, followers for artists gains exposure in the long term on streaming for only $ 9,95 a week in a 3 playlists pitch.

Easy to stop anytime in your dashboard. After 2 payed weeks your entiteled to a free week

Each song needs a new subscription and playlists don’t roulate.

  1. Minimum Quantity 1
  2. Maximum Quantity 1
  3. Steps Quantity

Weekly Playlist Subscription

For promoting a Track in 3 playlists for 7 days. With this weekly subscription you gain constantly plays, followers and saves.

For the tracks is not included mailing an full promotion efforts.

The focus lies on the promotion of the track. Gaining saves and listeners , plays and followers.

Contact us for the marketing of your song

. Playlist Pitching, is a term for when a ‘pitcher’. He offers Spotify playlist curators a music track or song.

This is known as a “pitch”. If the curator likes the track, he may add it to a playlist. Now we have a playlist ‘placement’. This leads to streams or plays.

Playlist Pitch Subscription.  All eyes are on the traction that you create in Spotify. This indicates that your music is becoming more popular!

If you are starting off with less than 1000 plays or streams it may seem tough. However this will not take too long before an artist sees results. hopefully, in the form of listeners, followers, saves and streams.

Regularity is the best strategy. Get more streaming, because the growth is more constant. A steadily climbing track ranks better than a track that rises and falls in popularity.

Decide your streaming or pitching budget, and try to stick to it.

A well planned pitching promotion, will surely generate better streams, because long term Spotify promotion creates superior analytics!

A few more things you can do as a music artist is to go and follow some people in Spotify, and build a fan base to your profile.

Playlist Pitch weekly Subscription is a pitch on your music track for 7 days in 3 playlists with auto renewal that you simply can stop anytime you want to in your dashboard after 2 payed weeks you get a free extra week after you canceled.

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playlist pitching basic. – Plalist pitching extended and Playlist pitching grande for promoters who want to go big we have Playlist pitching major packages

Realy important for artists promoters.

Important for spotify Algorithms is social media promotion you can promote your track free in our facebook group

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5 reviews for Weekly Playlist Subscription 3 playlist pitch last week free

  1. Tyreek Frazier (verified owner)

    It’s so hard to tell whether or not a playlist promotion service is legitimate or not. They all say “real users”, but a lot of them are just straight up lying. This is the first service where I got pitched and accepted to larger playlists. My plays didn’t just randomly spike like some of the fake services. Instead, my plays were high the first week (it was at the top of the playlist) and it gradually went down to an average of about 80-150 plays per day. I only paid for 2 weeks of pitching, it’s been a few months. I’m still getting a steady amount of plays with it sometimes increasing to 200 plays a day. I also noticed that I was getting saves, and followers which is the one thing I noticed I was not getting with any of the fake promotion services. I’m really glad I stumbled upon this service, and I’ll definitely be using them for my next song and for a few songs off of my upcoming album “Dreams are Overrated”.

  2. Leffes (verified owner)

    Awesome! I have also looked after legit promotion playlist company, i have also notice saves, followers in my stream when i use this company, im glad i found it, / leffe

  3. Caleb C. (verified owner)

    I have noticed some pretty good streams since I’ve used the service; saves and likes as well(one new follower) reliable and next day play listed usually! Thanks!

  4. t4daffliates (verified owner)

    I Been Using This Product For 4 Months Now For My Long Term Spotify Promotion Campaign And Let Me Tell You Its Perfect For Any Artist, Promoter, And Record Label On A Small Shoe String Budget. With This Product If You Use It Consistently You Will See The Grave Value In This Product.

  5. Kieron Luck (verified owner)

    I added a track a while ago, I’m unsure why it’s been kept in both playlists after no renewals for a couple of months, but the results have been amazing! I am about to add my second track, very pleased. Thankyou!

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