THIS IS ELLE killing My Love new Release

THIS IS ELLE Killing My Love

THIS IS ELLE killing My Love new Release

After the release of the debut song of THIS IS ELLE Killing My Love

An Interview with


(by Rebecca Singer)

Italian singer/songwriter ELLE has a personality as big as her talent – it’s enormous.

As well as performing with Italian rock band Elleborn,

she has just released her first solo single, “Killing My Love,” which has tones of Adele and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine).

She was kind enough to answer some questions about her musical style and what she is hoping to accomplish both solo and with her band.

Meet Laura:

What are your musical influences? 

My musical influences are really a lot!.

I’ve always been listening to every kind of music and I love many, many artists, but if I have to choose, I’d definitely say I come from rock music,

Then I went through electronic and pop. Muse, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Aurora, Florence and the Machine are definitely some of the bands influencing me more.

When I was a teenager, I was totally in love with Anouk, and I still think she is a really great artist.

Do you play any instruments? 

Yes, I do play some guitar and piano, but just for composing and some small things on stage.

I really prefer focusing more on my voice because I am a singer, and voice is my biggest way of expression!

How many songs have you written/recorded? 

Well, I have written a lot of songs, but you know, not everything you write is good enough to be recorded or will make it a hit.

The first CD I have recorded has been with my first rock band. We made everything. The recordings were my first experience and I’ve learned a lot about studio work. My last work, “Just a Grain of Sand,” is from 2017 with Elleborn,

The band I am still in, where I am the founder and lead singer.

What styles of music do you play/sing?

I can play every kind of music. It really depends on the moment of my life I am living.

Talking about it now, I can say I am into some pop, rock and electro stuff.

Are you still in a band, or just solo now?

I have actually been in a band since 2014. It’s called Elleborn and we have released a CD, “Just a Grain of Sand,” and we are working on new music.

In parallel, I decided to work on a solo project, “THIS IS ELLE,” together with Benny Brown and his record label, Sound2kill4 Records.

You have a new single coming out soon what’s the story on that?

“Killing My Love” was written by Claudio Zampa, an Italian songwriter and producer from Rome.

It was produced and recorded by Flavio and Claudio Zampa. It’s a love song that talks about the end of a relationship,

When you find yourself alone with your pain, and you are forced to kill everything you still feel in your heart.

The song is released on Jan. 17, 2020. I can’t wait to hear peoples respond to it.

Where are you from in Italy?

I am from Rome and I live in a small town close to the capital city. The town is Rocca di Papa, and I like it better than Rome because it’s in the middle of nature.

With woods, two lakes and a bit of a mountain, but also very close to the seaside as well.

I really think we all should live in a natural environment, or at least close to it. Nature is really important, and we shouldn’t lose the contact with out purest and deepest part!

Where have you toured?

We toured all around Italy and Japan too. In 2018, we went to Tokyo for a tour of six dates. We love to play so book us i would say to people.

Where would you like to tour?

I’d like to play everywhere. But what I like most is to play in old historical, archeological sites. For example, like Pink Floyd (Live at Pompei) or Placebo did (Live in Angkor Wat).

The energy of the places like that would make me express my voice and soul in the best way ever!

What are your long-term goals?

Long what? I think we don’t even know if we will be alive in the next hour.

So I don’t really know! I used to have a lot of goals before, then I realized the best goal ever is not having any goals at all and just enjoying the journey as best we can.

Always doing what we want without compromise, and always respecting others.

If no music, what would you be doing?

Well, I already do a lot of things apart from music. I am a yoga kundalini teacher and I really love it.

I think all of us should work on ourselves to live real intense life.

I am also a big traveler. I have traveled in a lot of countries, especially in Asia, a place that I particularly have loved for many years.

So, if not music, I would probably be involved in travel and yoga.

Interview By Rebecca Singer

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